Beyond the Crystal City: Dust Storm Series Book 1

Logan Brookfield’s first book in the Dust Storm Series.

Time is running out and there is only one chance to save mankind.

One outpost is left on a dying Earth and holds what’s left of humanity. Millions of people crammed into a few square miles resulting in overcrowding, starvation, pollution and a daily fight for survival in a crime and disease-ridden city.

The Continental Wars that started in 2167, and only ended when the entire population of the planet was nearly wiped out, were shortly followed by an increase in temperature and the melting of the ice caps. This created global flooding and devastation until the waters receded and the oceans all but dried up in the boiling heat. Global warming and toxic fallout created an environment not fit for humans or animals. The ancients had created a double death blow with their wars, overpopulation and mass industrialisation, raping and pillaging the planet of its natural resources along the way.

Carl is a scavenger and survivor, born in the dust of the old city. One day, while out searching for supplies, he uncovers a secret plan to solve the Earth’s resource problems once and for all. The elite say it’s a brilliant plan, one that will restore humans to their former glory, while others know it’s madness and risks the destruction of mankind.



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